About Us

The Sanctuary would like to bring meditation to the masses!

The Vision

The Sanctuary would like to bring meditation to the masses!

The science is in – meditation improves health and happiness. And is rapidly becoming known as the secret to success for many high achievers.

Yet most people still struggle to get a regular practice up and running. Sitting still can feel difficult, boring, lonely or just a waste of time for people who are used to being driven and busy.

The Sanctuary focuses on delivering a training method which makes meditation easy for everyone.

It uses a gradual, incremental approach, informed by technology and biofeedback which you incorporate into the training sessions.

Sessions are easy and fun!

The facilitators of the sessions have extensive meditation training and experience and lived experience of chronic health conditions as well.

These sessions are also a great way for people suffering from health concerns to connect with others and become “mind fit” when their body is struggling.

The Facilitators

Allison Christou

Allison has degrees in Behavioural Science and Social Research methods, postgraduate qualifications in Psychology and has worked for almost 15 years in public health related roles including as a research manager for the Drug and Alcohol Office, and a program manager in the Chronic Conditions team for WA Country Health.

Allison has been a keen meditator since 2006, when she was first diagnosed with a thyroid autoimmune condition which is affected by chronic stress. She has managed the symptoms of this condition for over 15 years through meditation, diet and exercise.

Allison has created “The Sanctuary” as a way of sharing the peace that comes from finding time for yourself to relax and just be.

The Facilitators

Kimi is a degree qualified Naturopath (BHSc) who believes it is essential to invest in your health in order to enjoy a life full of gratitude and satisfaction. She focusses on helping people improve their health, while teaching them the tools to ensure the change is sustainable. She does this through incorporating dietary and lifestyle changes as well as nutritional and/or herbal medicine if needed. 

She offers a variety of service to help her clients optimise their well being and has worked with a variety of ailments such as hypothyroidism, menstrual abnormalities, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, immune dysfunctions, allergies, gut problems, skin issues, high blood pressure, headaches and migraines, nutritional deficiencies, liver conditions and much more. Kimi takes pride in taking the time to understand your needs in order to reach and sustain wellness.

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